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Self-service Demo

We have set up a small test company, Zonker Widget Corporation/ DBA American Widget, to demonstrate many of the self-service features available to clients and employees.

Manager Self Service

Each manager in your company can have custom-tailored access to the system, allowing each to see and manipulate only the information you wish. In our sample company, two managers are defined. Each has different security profiles, and thus each has different access to data and features.

To access the manager self-service demo, go to the Manager Login page and use either of the following:

username: manager
password: manager

username: exec
password: exec

Employee Self Service

We have set up 4 employees in our test company, each one with different combinations of benefits and other characteristics. Please browse through the different employees and look at their pay stubs, benefits, 401k, vacation time, and other information.

To access the employee self-service demo, go to the Employe Login page and use any of the following:

username: demo01 password: demo01
username: demo02 password: demo02
username: demo03 password: demo03
username: demo04 password: demo04