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Most Business Owners Aren’t in it to Manage HR—We Are!

If you are looking for services like HR management, benefits administration, payroll processing, employment compliance, training, workers’ compensation, risk management, Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and outstanding customer service, you’ve found a partner that clients have trusted for over 15 years!

Your organization’s goals likely don’t include processing payroll, managing day-to-day HR functions, negotiating benefits with insurance carriers and worrying about compliance. While HR management is a necessity, it’s not your core competence—but it is ours!

Today, forward-thinking leaders know that the best strategy is to focus their resources on what they do best while sourcing out non-core functions to a specialist. This proven and tested strategy allows organizations to free up time and resources and devote them towards their core mission and true passion.

Let us Worry About Complex Laws and Regulations and Minimize Your Risk

More than ever before, businesses across the country are faced with the increasing complexity of employee management. Each year new complex laws and regulations are passed or updated requiring businesses to be compliant with up to date human resource, payroll, workers’ compensation, and other regulatory laws. Having the time and the resources to become an expert in each respective field is a costly and tedious undertaking. Failure to adequately perform these duties leaves you open to audits, fines, penalties, lawsuits and other consequences. As a result, you find yourself spending more and more time and dollars on managing employees rather than focusing on your core business function.

A partnership with Teamworks allows businesses to ease their administrative burdens, reduce their liabilities and risks, attract and retain exceptional employees, and increase their productivity resulting in peace of mind.

We offer two primary levels of HR outsourcing service, which can be customized to meet your company needs.  Our flexible and cost-effective service models include Professional Employer Organization (PEO), and the more customized Administrative Services Outsourcing (ASO) platform. This is all done behind the scenes, seamlessly and transparently, as if we were a part of your own organization.