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Risk Management

For 15+ years Teamworks has been in the business of protecting the assets of our clients. These critical assets include a company’s bottom line as well as valuable human resources. Our expertise in risk management helps protect businesses from unexpected losses due to injuries and accidents. Our clients have been the beneficiaries of our unique combination of claims management, loss prevention and flexible insurance options.

Teamworks risk managers are available to coordinate expert resources to help identify potential hazards, provide safety training and manuals, recommend safety programs and ensure OSHA compliance. Our goal is to implement procedures and programs to eliminate the risk of hazard before accidents or injuries occur.

If an unfortunate accident does occur a simple call to our claims department is all it takes. Our claims specialists will help resolve the situation by taking care of the needs of the employee all while eliminating the risk of the claim escalating out of control to where it could affect future insurance premiums.

Risk Management Services Include:

  • Access to several workers compensation insurance markets to secure affordable, reliable, high quality coverage
  • Administration of monthly premium payments as well as annual audits
  • Flexible premium payment schedules
  • Coordination of on-site specific industry safety training
  • Written industry specific safety manual
  • Coordination of on-site safety and loss prevention consulting
  • OSHA 300 log assistance
  • Completion of First Report of Injury
  • Workers Compensation claims management
  • Workers Compensation Certificates of Insurance