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I would like to add my voice to those that laud Teamworks’ service and support. You are the best HR/payroll department an owner of a small business can have and the price is right. For less than we’d have to pay a dedicated payroll clerk, we have access to a whole team that handles payroll, taxes, benefits, employee training, as well as assisting with all the other HR areas where you’d typically need a long-term tenured human resources specialist.

In fact, with Tim Jenkins, that’s exactly what you get. Tim is knowledgeable about every single area of HR from hiring to benefits to compensation to discipline. When we opened an office in a new state, Tim and his staff were on top of the tax and compliance issues immediately without me having to fumble about not knowing the questions to ask. Tim’s been there at our side as a partner when thorny employee discipline issues arose and he helped us navigate them in a thorough and professional manner.

I’ve managed HR, payroll and benefits staffs before and I’ve never been as satisfied with them as I am on a daily basis with Teamworks. I am extremely cautious about giving my recommendation but Teamworks and Tim Jenkins make it easy. Simply put, you take care of me, my company and our staff and you make me look good doing it.

Thank you,

Bill Saylor
Director of Finance & Operations
Twelve Horses

I have been working with Stacey for the last eight months. She has proven that she is not only competent as a payroll specialist, but also as an individual who is totally committed to serving the customer. There have been several instances when I have requested extra reports when reviewing and reconciling year end numbers. In one particular instance, when Stacey was new to Teamworks and I had requested some unusual information, she carefully analyzed what her computer system could pull together and then turned to another co-worker to understand why she could not pull the needed information. In her usual cheerful voice she says to me, “it drives me crazy when I don’t fully understand how something works; I’ve got to get to the bottom of this”. And she did! She found my information and took the time to identify the details and possibilities that each report could produce. Her determination to do her job well and with a smile on her face has been evident.

Another time Stacey was helping me find some information on the website. I couldn’t find what she was viewing on her computer. She began learning and understanding what screens the customer could view online versus what screens a payroll specialist could view. This allowed her to help navigate and explain payroll questions more accurately.

The number reason I began working with Teamworks is because of Tim Jenkins. I trust him. I trusted that his company would take care of my company. He would be willing and available to help answer human resource questions as well as establish a payroll system that is customer friendly and accurate.

The number one reason I stay with Teamworks is because I still have confidence and trust in their company. Over the years my trust has expanded to others who work within the company. I believe their integrity will always look out for my company’s best interest and they will take care of me and my company’s needs. The bottom line is “I feel safe”. I feel they know how to do their job and they do it well.

Keri Steele
HR Manager
Caldera Engineering

Our company has been working with Mike Dunaway since 2004, so we have a fairly significant track record together. One of the things I have come to realize over time is that Mike is one of the most knowledgeable and capable individuals I have ever known. He knows his field inside and out. I’ve sent Mike some pretty strange questions and requests over the years, but I’ve rarely been able to stump him. But, if I have, he’s been right there digging for an answer until he finds it.

But, more than just knowledge, what Mike brings to the table is a passion for doing things right and taking care of us. If we ever have a problem, Mike is tenacious in getting to the bottom of the issue. As a result, we have developed a deep confidence in the service and care we receive from him.

It is Mike’s knowledge, integrity and work ethic that make us glad that we partnered with Teamworks. With each passing year, we are increasingly convinced that it was one of the best business decisions we ever made.

Steve Winger
Choice Employer’s Resource

I have enjoyed working with all the employees at Teamworks, Tiffany has been especially helpful in adjusting employee records and training me on ways I can use the website to gain information and reports I needed. Mike Dunaway has also been great to work with in setting up excel spreadsheets to allow us to efficiently import payroll detail of expenses directly into EAutomate. I look forward to working with Teamworks for many years to come.

Ann L. Gilley
Frontier Business Systems, Inc.

Kathi Rogers is very efficient in her job and has never failed to help me with an issue. She is always polite and friendly as well as professional. She gets back to me on a timely fashion and answers all of my questions.

I would also like to comment on Tiffany, Nicole and Stacey who have helped us with our payroll. In simple words they are amazing. Never have they failed to help me with a situation no matter how tedious it may have been, they have been patient with our errors and with our getting the payroll in last minute. They do a great job and I love being able to work with them. They are knowledgeable and experienced in what they do. I have nothing but good things to same about them.

Mel Willardson
GlobalBased Technologies

I love Teamworks and I love Tiffany. She and I have just clicked since the first day. She deserves the Oscar for customer service. We have thrown some, what we think, might have been some “weirdnesses” at Teamworks and you guys always taken it on with a smile. At Christmas time I only gave Tiffany a couple of hours to run our Christmas bonus checks and she handled it – no problem.

Again, I can’t say enough good things about both Teamworks and Tiffany. Any time you guys need a reference, I’d be happy to oblige. I know Troyt is extremely happy with our move to Teamworks too.

Chris Devick
Laser Resources

First of all, allow me to say that my experience with Teamworks has been far better than I imagined it would be. It was not that I doubted your ability and based on the references I checked, everyone was pleased with your service, but rather I was not comfortable about letting the major part of our overhead out of my control. I always paid payroll, payroll taxes and 401k plan the day after processing payroll. I like everything clean and neat and this is obviously paramount to monitoring our cash flow. The fact that Dr. Kidwell allowed me to make the final call to outsource these tasks made me even more apprehensive because I would never want to let him down.

That said, I believe everyone I have worked with has been professional, diligent and very responsive. But I must say I cannot tell you how much Tiffany Hall has been a blessing. She is smart, patient (a necessity to work with me), thorough, quick to respond and has just been a pleasure to work with. It is a rare occasion that I cannot get hold of her or that she does not answer my email immediately. I realize she handles other accounts but the way she responds almost makes me feel as though she works for us, not Teamworks. Most of all, she gets my sense of humor which just adds something personal to the experience. I believe you should make her President. However, please do not ever take her off of our account!!!

C.L. Lori Suitor
Practice Administrator
Pain Institute of Nevada

For the past five years, Teamworks has been fabulous in helping our dental office grow. Before choosing Teamworks, my wife and I spent hours managing the payroll. Teamworks helpful staff has taken the stress out of our lives, so that we can focus on patient care. Tiffany, Tim and Michelle have been great and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Jason J Horgesheimer, D.D.S
Redwood Pediatric Dentistry

Teamworks is a fast, friendly and efficient company. Having them take care of all my employee’s needs such as payroll, workers compensation, employee benefits an more has saved me an immeasurable amount of time and headache. I would recommend Teamworks to anyone. Without question they provide the biggest bang for your buck.

Scott Jensen, DDS
Timpanogas Pediatric Dentistry