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Affordable data dashboards designed specifically for Hearing Device Practices.


Get full visibility across your entire business and make better business decisions


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Why Teamworks BI


Most B.I. tools  are priced for enterprise level businesses. Which means small businesses lose out on the power of an effective BI tool. 


Not anymore. The Teamworks Data Visualizer is priced with the small business owner in mind –And you still get the benefits of an enterprise level tool.

Higher Quality Data

Businesses that foster a "data culture" and prioritize quality data are typically more successful.

Additionally, rather than patching together your "hacked database" you can aggregate all your data sources together for a comprehensive picture of your business health and performance.

Business Insights

  • Gauge Productivity

  • Forecast Revenue

  • Monitor Department specific performance

  • Get custom alerts based on various data points

  • Use data to make decisions, not assumptions

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Better picture of customer behavior patterns

  • Analyze feedback in real time

  • ID buying patterns

  • Anticipate needs

  • Uncover new ways to achieve customer satisfaction

  • Monitor support logs / timelines for improved response time and content

Fast & Accurate Reporting

  • Monitor KPI's / Reports with custom templates

  • Real Time Reporting

  • Interactive Reports

  • Drill Downs

  • Mix / Match variables for analysis

  • Monitor financial, sales, ops, marketing, customer experience and other custom data points.

Increase Revenue & Margins

  • Ask better questions and identify sales weaknesses

  • Analyze inefficiencies from aggregated sales data and discover areas where money can be saved and strategies developed to capitalize on opportunities

  • Visualize budgets and prioritize spending based on P&L performance

Better Operations

By aggregating multiple data sources in one place organization decisions impacting multiple departments are easier and more transparent.

Reporting becomes relevant with cross-departmental impact – and people can focus on short and long term goals with a better understanding of how their decisions will impact the organization.

Market Analysis

Budgeting, planning and forecasting is essential for staying ahead of the competition and on top of market changes.

Teamworks BI helps you go way beyond basic analysis and identify trends you can use to create a competitive strategy to give your company a competitive edge.

Track external market data and match it with internal data to detect new sales opportunities and emerging markets

How Teamworks BI Can Help Your HVAC Business Grow

Data for BI & BA


Financials in one place

Binaural Rate

Close Rate

First vs 3rd party referrals

Break Even

Cash Position


Website Traffic & goals/conversion rates


financial performance 

sales performance by providers

Marketing ROI across campaigns and lead sources


marketing ROI


Business metric visibility

man hour efficiency

time to reports


sales strategy

close rates

Strategic Decision making

Serve your business at greater speed and scale than ever before with ever-ready BI that cycles data in minutes, not some unknown time in the future.

Visualize business activity and uncover market trends and opportunities that can benefit the whole company.

Nail benchmarks and target goals with better data visibility 

The Pain:

  • Takes hours to get reports

  • Data in several different software

  • Limited visibility/awareness into actual position of finances/marketing/benchmarks/ops

  • Slow decision making

  • Decisions on incomplete data

  • Most business intelligence tools are out of the price range of most small/medium businesses

  • BI Tools are costly and time consuming to implement/maintain

The Solution

Industry specific BI tool that combines the data from all data silos (different pieces of software, spreadsheets) into one place so you can track, measure and improve your business based on relevant industry metrics and benchmarks.

Plug n Play dashboard. No ongoing development/maintenance fees. Simple monthly SAAS subscription - we (teamworks) do all the setup and maintenance work

The Benefits

  • Data/reports in seconds not hours/days

  • Single source of knowledge for business department metrics/health

  • Enterprise level reporting

  • You don't need to hire a dev guy/team - teamworks handles all the setup

  • All updates included in subscription, no package or pricing levels for different features - you get the whole product and all updates

  • Enhanced strategic decision making

  • Cost/time savings from manual data gathering/reporting