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Business Intelligence Dashboards For HVAC Contractors

No data team or coding skills required

We handle it all for you

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Affordable out of the box HVAC specific BI Dashboard

(No coding or data experts required)

Visualize Data

Department Focus

Ditch the spreadsheets and outdated tools. Get data intel in one place at a glance

Track and measure performance of each department

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Maintenance & Install Capacity Indicators

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Break Even

Daily Revenue


Track HVAC critical metrics. Pre-built dashboards enable you to get a clear picture of the health of your business and where you can improve.

Affordable & Manageable

Most tools are over $10k to get started and then you have to build and manage everything.

Our pricing model is simple, affordable and we handle all the data for you.

How Teamworks BI Helps

Teamworks Group will give you white-glove service and coaching to get your dashboard up and running, ensure it is accurate, and teach you how to use it. We are here to help you be more successful.

There are 3 main barriers to getting an enterprise level dashboard for small and medium sized companies:


• Time

• Expertise

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Dashboard tools are typically very expensive, they require a lot of time to set up and manage, and they require an in-house data expert to maintain the tool.

THE REALITY is most HVAC contractors don't have the budget, time, or in-house expertise to get a BI Dashboard.

Our Solution

Teamworks will handle and manage all the data, all the dashboard setup, give you white-glove support through the implementation process, keep the dashboard updated and current and teach you how to use it - all for a fraction of industry pricing.


Data Challenges

  • Data in multiple places, takes forever to gather reports

  • Have to sort through multiple reports to make sense of data

  • Don't have bandwidth to spend time going through all the data to gain real-time insights

  • Decision making is slow and based on limited or old data

  • A dashboard tool would be so nice, but can't afford it or support and maintain it

The Dashboard Data Solution

Our dashboards create a single source of truth for all your business metrics.


Comprehensive financial, marketing, sales, and operations data intelligence - specific to the HVAC industry


Financial Performance


Sales Performance

Service & Maintenance Agreement Capacity

Man Hours

Cash Position

Marketing ROI

Departmental Performance

Installation Capacity

Website Conversion Rates

Benefits of Using Our Dashboards


Quick Access to Business Insights

Fast & Accurate Reporting

Increase Revenue & Margins

Higher Quality Data

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Better Operations

Deeper Understanding of Your Market

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Ready to Try Teamworks BI?

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