David A McDougal

C.E.O / Owner

David launched Teamworks Professional Employer, LLC in 1996. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University (BYU).

Upon graduation from Brigham Young University (BYU), David was named  Director of Development at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. For the next  four (4) years, David planned and directed a capital campaign resulting  in contributions of over $3 million – the first successful fund raising  effort in the school’s 20-year history.

Returning to Utah, David  co-founded The Allen Group, Inc., a national professional training  company. As Executive Vice President, he oversaw strategic planning,  finance, marketing, and legal activities. For five (5) years, The Allen  Group and its faculty taught more than one (1) million people in the  United States and Canada. Experts in investment, time management,  business and finance taught classes ranging from single evening sessions  to three-day conferences.

A pioneer in distance learning, David  formed Visendus, Inc. (“things worth seeing” in Latin). Staffing by an  outstanding team of talented and experienced people, Visendus launched a  national satellite network dedicated to live distance learning. As  Chairman and CEO, David raised $4.5 million of venture capital and  established offices and studios in Salt Lake City’s Triad Center with  Bonneville International. He developed contracts with United Artists  Theatres to provide satellite hookups and downlink facilities, and to  install electronic projectors and interactive response equipment for  real time Q&A between the speaker and his widely dispersed national  audience. Under David’s leadership, Visendus produced and distributed  high-quality content from some of America’s leading educators.

David is also chairman of the Freedom Foundation- a Provo-based non-profit that organizes and sponsors, among many initiatives, The Provo Freedom Festival during the July 4th Holiday, as well as the world-renowned Stadium of Fire show and celebration.