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Outsourced PEO Services

Outsource some or all HR / People Ops related activities and services and gain time and peace of mind

Why Outsource PEO?

HR activities and tasks touch almost every area of your business. Staying on top of it all can be time consuming and frustrating. Image what work life would be like with:

  • Lower expenses for HR staff, services and tech.

  • Improved efficiency and operations through streamlined processes

  • Management of company risk, safety and compliance regulations

  • Better benefits for your people

  • Focus more on strategy and customer happiness and less on mundane HR tasks and updating

  • Increase your revenue

  • Increase productivity and happiness

2 Service Options

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HR Outsourcing

Don't just buy a bucket of "solutions". Tailor our services to fit your business needs. We can help with:

  • People Ops – we can help find the right people for the right seat on your bus, hassle free onboarding, and help them contribute at the highest level possible

  • StrategicHR – help you analyze G.A.Ps in your HR activities and processes and create new plans to enable your people to drive the business forward

  • Benefits Admin – This is typically a complex and time consuming activity. Our team can take this off your plate and manage it for you

  • Pay & Tax Admin – No more payroll and tax hassle. We'll handle most of these tasks and provide assistance and best practice coaching

  • Compliance – Regulations change ALL THE TIME. Our team will stay on top of this for you and mitigate common and costly benefits and HR mistakes

Instead of outsourcing a few services, partnering with us means we provide dedicated guidance and services on every aspect of HR and People Ops.

  • Better benefits – A PEO lets you offer a more complete benefits package including medical, dental, life, vision, commuter, disability, 40k(k) and more. Benefits play a big role in employee happiness and the desire for people to want to work with you. Attract and retain your people and support their varied needs all at a competitive price.

  • Find Savings – Companies that invest in full PEO service reduce expenses and find savings, though that can change from year to year. You can improve turnover, reduce injuries and absentees, avoid costly fines and employee lawsuits.

  • Reduce Risk – Our team of experts stays up to date on the latest compliance regulations and rules. We'll help you create a safer work place, avoid harassment claims, mitigate liability, and work with you through any employee lawsuits.

  • Optimize – In the end partnering with us means you spend less time worrying about laws and regulations and HR tasks, and more about your business and keeping the passion alive for why you started it in the first place.

PEO / Shared employment

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