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Insights as a Service

Data Visualization and BI Dashboards

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Download Our Guide & Learn BI Dashboard Best Practices

  • See BI dashboard examples and use cases

  • Learn the basics of analytics dashboard software

  • Explore how BI dashboard tools can help you make business decisions

Insights as a Service gives you answers

At Teamworks, our top priority is making hard things easier for business leaders. This way, they can achieve more with everything they’ve built. Insights-as-a-Service is our way of making it simpler and more affordable for small businesses to get answers from data.

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What Is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is how smart companies visualize data to drive action toward business goals. Business Intelligence has two parts:

Technology - how you gather accurate data, analyze it, and visualize it

Strategy - how you decide what’s important in making decisions.

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What Is Data Visualization?

Data Visualization means looking at data in a graphical, intuitive way so it is easier to understand “at a glance.” By using charts, graphs, and other visual elements, end users can grasp the meaning of data in context. Pulling data out of spreadsheets and other reporting systems and into a visual format in a BI dashboard makes it highly accessible to drive business decisions.

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What Is Insights as a Service?

Insights-as-a-Service is the delivery of BI dashboards/data visualizations as a complete solution. The service provider takes on the burden of cleaning and organizing data, creating dashboards that answer key questions for the business, and maintaining the system so it doesn’t break.

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“People overestimate the complexity and cost of getting insights from their data. Accessing business intelligence and insights as a service dramatically reduces the expense of tools and consulting.”

A note from our CEO

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Case Study

  • company with 60+ locations running on 3 separate software installments

  • disparate data challenges

  • and struggled getting relevant data to the right people in a timely manner

Learn how our BI solution solved their data challenges

Download The Case Study

Learn how this company increased sales 20%!

What can you do with customized BI Dashboards through Insights As A Service?

We help you bring data together. But we don't stop there. We also help you visualize it around all the areas of people and business units that drive your business forward. As a result, you can make faster, more confident, data-driven decisions.

Be more productive

Streamline productivity and see where time and money is being spent. Reduce expenses and increase margins in each area of your business.

Automate Processes

Stop wasting time filtering through reports and processing information manually. See things that couldn’t be seen before.

Identify Patterns

See patterns before they become problems (e.g., identifying employees at risk for departure, finding waste in marketing spend or inefficiencies in operations).

Get Clarity

Gain uniformity and clarity for better consensus building around decisions with a “single source of truth.” Have more accurate forecasting to reduce uncertainty.

More business value with better data visualization

There are a lot of great Business Intelligence platforms out there. So why choose Teamworks? It's simple. We offer business insights as a service that delivers real answers -- not more tools.

We bring together data from multiple different sources into one platform.

We answer key business questions that accelerate and improve decision-making.

We create customizable dashboards that turns data into actionable insights.

We keep the stream of data consistent, so your reporting always delivers.

From clunky data to real-time business intelligence

At Teamworks, we help SMBs unlock the full potential of their data. With no expensive licenses or high-priced implementation services, we're able to deliver simplified insights that help you reach your business goals.

You get the end result of actionable insights.

We handle everything else.

Why choose insights as a service?

  • We provide an affordable and intuitive way to visualize data across systems, highlighting areas of risk, opportunity and improvement in the process.

  • We eliminate complicated, clunky, and manual reporting and replace it with near real-time, automated, and actionable insights.

  • We reduce the need for expensive IT teams, third-party implementers, and expensive tools.

  • We organize different types of data from multiple sources and present it in easy-to-use BI dashboards that can be adjusted to individual user needs.

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Insights As A Service for your small business

Ready to unlock the full potential of your data? It all starts with a few questions and some quick wins.

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