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Time And Attendance Services

Simplify schedules and improve payroll accuracy and compliance with time and attendance services.

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Key Benefits of our time & attendance software

Automated time tracking helps you nail key business goals





Lower Costs



Each goal on the left is a critical element of every business strategy. Every aspect of your business has to contribute to reaching these goals – including time and attendance activities.


Still manually tracking employee attendance? Our time and attendance solution will help you reduce errors and work time and improve payroll accuracy.


  • Have team members clock in and out on a computer, mobile device or time clock

  • Create, publish and manage schedules online

  • Track time-off requests, approvals and vacations

  • Data flows automatically between HR, payroll and time

  • People only have one username and password to remember

  • Time, pay, benefits and other information can be accessed from the web or a mobile app

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