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Maximizing Profits & Owner Wealth

with custom Business Protection and People Ops strategies

Increase Revenue

Avoid Fines

Increase Productivity

Automation & Systemization

Contain Long Term Costs

Reduce Short Term Expenses

Protect Revenue

Avoid Lawsuits

Build a deliberate HR plan that drives value and higher profits for your business.

Every part of your business is accountable for its impact on these 8 universal business strategies.

HR is no exception.

Align activities of the employee lifecycle – or "HR" – with your high level business goals and P&L.

Your business shares the same universal high level goals as every other company: make money, increase the value of your business, and help people.

The activities of the employee lifecycle that make up the "categories" of HR should contribute to the accomplishment of those high level goals and have a positive ROI on the P&L.

We provide HR & People Ops services from A - Z for every aspect and activity of the employee lifecycle

Complete PEO & ASO

From your first recruiting and hiring efforts to the final goodbye, Teamworks' suite of services can be with you every step of the way.

Simple & Powerful HR Software

  • Onboarding

  • Payroll

  • Benefits

  • Tools

  • Compliance

  • and more

Human Support

Questions, challenges, support or just need to order lunch?

No matter the situation, we're just a call and a fist bump away...

Start using HR as a positive investment in your business – not a drain on profits

Employment and employees make or break businesses and small, simple improvements offer a dramatic increase to profits; while small, stupid mistakes are capable of devastating the bottom line.

A strategic approach to HR and People Ops can help you see real investment gains in time and money while providing relief and breathing room in areas causing pain and frustration.

6 Simple & Powerful Steps

HRG.A.P. Analysis

A simple step by step process of discovering the "gains & pains" – or ways HR activities can drive profits and help your business run smoothly

Understand & Correlate all P&L to HR Connections

Create an HR profile of things "as they are" and brainstorm ways to improve underperforming areas

Get all stakeholders/property owners on same page with ways to create gain and relieve pain

Design custom plan based on G.A.P analysis

Communicate and clarify goals of HR plan > identify metrics to track results

Execute plan > monitor results and adjust as needed

Graphic Arts Company

"Our company has benefited from Teamworks' professional services for many years. They make my job easier as a business owner so I can focus my time and efforts on my business and clients."

Fitness Center

"We have utilized Teamworks services for payroll and HR for the past few years and they have certainly helped us become a better company.  Having the help of Teamworks, allows us to concentrate on our clients and do what we do best."

Software Developer

"Over the last 9 years Teamworks has provided my company with human resources, workers compensation, general liability insurance, and full payroll services. Our experience with Teamworks has been fantastic. The professionalism, knowledge, expertise, and hands-on support has been an incredible experience for us. The team at Teamworks help us with all of our on-boarding and off-boarding of employees, assists us with payroll and tax issues, and does so in a very proactive way. The service we have received has been stellar and the true feeling of partnership Teamworks exemplifies is tangible! Thanks to Ruth, Kathi, Tiffany, Renee, and Mike for a wonderful experience.

Warehouse & Trucking Company


"I own companies in St George and Las Vegas, and I have been using Teamwork’s Group services for all of our Payroll Processing and Human resource needs for the past 10 plus Years. They have been amazing to deal with. Everyone on their staff have been incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I have used other service providers in the past, but there is no comparison to the level of expertise, and professional service I get from Ruth, Tiffany, Kathi, Renee, Jameson and everyone on their Team. I have visited them in their office on occasion, and I am always treated like we are the best of friends. Thank you Teamwork’s for all the support you have given to me and My Company."

Non-Profit Company

"Teamworks has been a terrific partner for many years! Our payroll administration is a breeze thanks to their great staff members and thoroughness. Affordable service, helpful staff and pain free payroll administration. Thank you Teamworks!"

Take your team and company to the next level with a Strategic HR plan and world class HR services.

Do you struggle justifying HR or People Ops? We're here to unmuddy the waters.

Discover, implement and improve ways HR activities can take your people and processes to the next level while driving profits and increasing the value of your business.

Got it - We'll be in touch soon!

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