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Full HR Software Suite - For All Your HR Needs

Need a comprehensive HCM approach?

Our StrategicHR™ service is a structured HCM approach designed to help you and your teams discover key pains and transform them into measurable gains. 

Teamworks Group HR Software

While technology is getting increasingly intelligent, sometimes you just need another human to work through a challenge.

Teamworks HR is for simple things like HR, payroll and benefits questions – and also more complex projects that need strategic advice like mergers, acquisitions and reorgs.

Our PEO outsourcing services offer shared employment solutions for those of you who want to just not worry about HR. We can handle it for you.

  • Other benefits of Teamworks handling my payroll?
    Teamworks stays on top of changing rules and regulations to help keep you compliant and protect you from potential fines and penalties. In addition to freeing up time for you and your staff our payroll services also sync your payroll data with other solutions, like time tracking and benefits.
  • Does Teamworks offer online payroll?
    Yes. Teamworks provides customized payroll software for businesses of all sizes. With direct deposit and mobile payroll software that integrate with time and attendance tracking, our solution simplifies your workload. With automatic calculation deductions for taxes and reitrement contributions, and expert support we'll make sure you stay compliant with all applicable rules and regulations.
  • Do we still have to pay payroll taxes?
    We help companies manage payroll taxes by automating deductions from wages and ensuring the right amount of money is sent to the government based on the latest payroll tax rules and regulations.
  • Is time & attendance accessible with payroll?
    Yes. And it you can even start with payroll and add on time and attendance, HR, insurance, retirement and more — as you need them.
  • Do you have online solutions or an app?
    Our software is accessible on any device anywhere in the world. Payroll and HR managers as well as the rest of your people can complete a variety of tasks, such as process requests and payroll, view their pay stubs, manage their time and attendance, and enter time-off requests.

Understanding HR's Role

Human Capital Management (HCM), or People Ops as Google and other major companies are re-defining it, share the same 2 approaches as every other aspect of a company:


1. Long Term Goals

This is the strategic planning and goal setting element of HCM. These activities include talent acquisition, people productivity, culture and employee moral, retention, applying and improving best practices, process automation, and creating and nailing benchmark success.

2. Short Term Actions

These are the day to day activities focused on nailing the strategic plans and goals. These activities include benefits admin, payroll processing, HRIS reporting, managing compliance, updating data, handbooks and policies, and hiring and firing. 

Since these activities can be time consuming, challenging and sometimes confusing, companies elect to outsource or partner with Teamworks to simplify and clarify their business.

Strategic HR G.A.P. Analysis for HCM optimization

G.A.P. stands for "gains and pains". The analysis is a powerful 6 step process designed not only to improve HR, but also to nail high level business goals:

  • Understand & Correlate high level goals with all HR activities

  • Create an HR profile of things "as they are" and brainstorm ways to improve underperforming areas

  • Get all stakeholders/property owners on same page with ways to create gain and relieve pain

  • Design custom plan based on G.A.P. analysis

  • Communicate and clarify goals of HR plan > identify metrics to track results

  • Execute plan > monitor results and adjust as needed

Nail the 8 core business strategies with a Strategic HR approach

Every successful company nails the same 8 core business strategies. Of course how they are nailed is custom and specific to each company, and every department is responsible for how it impacts these 8 core strategies:

  1. Increase revenue

  2. Increase productivity

  3. Protect revenue

  4. Reduce short term costs

  5. Contain long term costs

  6. Avoid Fines

  7. Avoid lawsuits

  8. Automate & Systemetize

The Strategic HR G.A.P. Analysis walks through every aspect of HCM, or People Ops, to craft a plan for your business that will have a positive impact on these 8 strategies. Doing so ultimately impacts the highest level goals of every company which are to make money, increase the value of the business, and help people.

HR activities and planning are critical to the success of your business and Teamworks is here to help you strategize, plan and execute your HR activities to save time for your people and drive profits for your business.

Ready to simplify?

Do you struggle justifying HR or People Ops? We're here to unmuddy the waters.

Discover, implement and improve ways HR activities can take your people and processes to the next level while driving profits and increasing the value of your business.

Take your team and company to the next level with a Strategic HR plan and world class HR services.

Got it - We'll be in touch soon!

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