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Teamworks HR Webinars

Teamworks will be presenting regular webinars for HR compliance training. 

Register as needed for you or your team to make sure you get the required trainings.

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Sexual Harassment Training

Teamworks provides monthly Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for all Teamworks’ clients and employees.

Human Resources recommends this training is completed every one to two years for all employees of all companies regardless of size.


This training is mandated in Connecticut and Maine

California and Delaware require this training be completed every two years.


New York and Illinois require this training be completed every year.


New hires in these states are required to have Sexual Harassment Training soon after being hired and we recommend it is completed within 30 calendar days.


Teamworks’ training fulfills all state requirements for this training. Most employees should plan for this training to take between 1 and 1.5 hours.

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Diversity & Human Inclusion

Teamworks provides monthly Diversity and Inclusion trainings.

These trainings cover topics of quality, diversity, and inclusion for both protected classes and people that are different than you in other ways. 

We discuss why these principles are important to individuals and the company.

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Data Security Training

The weakest part of any company’s data security is its people.

This training aims to reduce that risk by instructing all employees in best practices for passcode creation, avoiding social engineering attacks, and scams.

This training is provided quarterly and is meant for all employees.

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