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What types of AI applications for small businesses are available?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expanding rapidly, and that means AI applications for small businesses are becoming more and more possible for countless companies. Choosing AI solutions for small businesses can be challenging for some companies, as they may lack the knowledge or expertise about how AI can help them.

However, there is no question that AI for SME — including processes such as small business machine learning or other AI software — can improve efficiency, increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, assist human resources, and so much more.

Looking for information about how AI can help small businesses? Read on for more.

How AI can help small businesses

Here's the good news: AI applications for small businesses are not just a dream for the future. There is no doubt that AI-powered solutions can help you improve your customer experience, create more effective social media campaigns, feed you real-time data, and more.

  • Improve Customer Service: It may seem counterintuitive, but AI now comes with natural language processing. This is why AI-powered chatbots and automated phone systems can better understand the assistance your customers need, and use that information to provide the help they're looking for.

  • Analyze Behavior Patterns: AI can examine your customers' behavior, either in your physical location or on your website. These systems can then provide insightful analytics to help you better determine how you can improve your marketing campaigns or the overall effectiveness of your business.

  • Hiring: Your human resources team is almost certainly in a constant battle to find the best candidates. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can be deployed to scan resumes, develop analytics for the best sources of job candidates, and evaluate required skills for the most effective employees.

  • Marketing Campaigns: Perhaps there is no better AI application for small businesses than marketing campaigns. When used appropriately, AI can be a handy tool for understanding your customers needs and developing effective communication. AI can significantly improve your bottom line.

What types of applications for small businesses are out there?

Fortunately, the AI applications for small businesses are rapidly expanding, and there is no shortage of resources or programs that can help you grow your business. Thankfully, these solutions are available for any size business. For example:

  • Customer Service: Apps are now available that can easily be incorporated into your website or social media. This includes chatbots, improved phone answering systems, text message auto-responders, and more.

  • Logistics: If you ship products, AI can be huge for your business. It can sift through data and determine better and more efficient ways to send your product, track the progress of your goods as they move about the country or world, and ensure you are engaging in the most efficient forms of shipping.

  • Marketing: AI applications for small businesses are strongest in marketing. AI can be deployed to help you better understand online search patterns, analyze customer behavior, and figure out the most efficient way to connect with your customers.

  • Accounting: When used right, AI can make a major difference in your accounting department. Apps are out there that can automate your finances, track expenses, record mileage, and detect fraud.

When is your small business ready for AI tools?

By now, you should have a better idea of how AI software can help your business processes and improve your customer interactions. However, you may still have one important question: When is your small business ready to incorporate AI tools into its efforts? How can you tell when that's the case? Here are some considerations:

  • Internal capacity and technical know-how: Your business is ready for AI only if your staff fully understands operating and maintaining it. This means your staff knows what AI is and how to manage it. Please note that understanding how to maintain AI applications for small businesses isn't enough. You also have to know how to get the most out of your AI.

  • Cost-benefit analysis: Not every business is ready to use AI solutions, but conducting a cost-benefit analysis will help you decide. Some AI applications for small businesses are relatively inexpensive. Others can cost five to six figures. If you're going to invest in an expensive tool, you need to make sure you'll be able to use it.

  • Staff input: If you're a business owner or manager, the most critical thing you can do to ensure your small business is ready for AI tools is get staff input. Explain your vision, and seek their feedback on the most efficient and appropriate ways to incorporate AI into your business. In addition, make sure they know how AI will be used and that you aren't looking to replace them. The fear of being replaced by a computer program is very real. As such, you must allay it to keep staff morale up.

Ready to start?

Making the business decision to get started with AI software and AI-powered solutions is not an easy one. Still, there's no question about it. AI can significantly improve your business operations, improve the effectiveness of your customer service, and ultimately help you grow and profit.

Are you looking for more information about AI tools or leveraging AI? We’d love to help. Reach out to Teamworks for more information on how small- and medium-sized businesses can grow with AI.


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