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Audiology Franchise Boosts Sales 20% Year over Year with Data Insights


Elite Hearing Centers of America operates a network of more than 50 offices nationwide where audiology and hearing aid specialists help restore connection and quality of life for those with hearing loss. The company provides free hearing tests, tuneups, and repairs to anyone who walks through their door, no matter where the patient bought their hearing aids. By offering more than 100 different models, local providers can match each patient with the right device regardless of their specific type of hearing loss.


According to Matt Crogan, Senior Marketing Manager at Elite Hearing Centers, the hearing aid industry struggles immensely with tracking operational data.

We were having difficulty getting actionable insight from our CRM, it was even hard to get data on the number of people helped or the number of sales.”

The data sources typically used by audiology practices were difficult to find and interpret. Elite Hearing Centers was looking for a way to identify the right data and convert it into meaningful insights to drive decisions. The company had tried other analytics platforms with little success.

We’d find some insights here or there, but not customized to what we needed.


What Matt needed was not another analytics tool to learn, but a fully customized data insights solution ready for use. The Teamworks Group built the required Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards based on the business questions Elite Hearing Centers needed to answer.

Examples of Questions That Matter for Hearing Aid Providers:

  • How many patients are actually showing up for their appointments?

  • How often are our practitioners able to match patients with a product that works for them?

  • What are our sales numbers now, and how is that number changing over time?

  • How are our local, seasonal marketing campaigns performing in real time?

Teamworks was able to answer these questions and solve the data visibility problem with a unique “Insights as a Service” approach. By choosing an affordable subscription-based solution built, maintained, and delivered by Teamworks, Elite Hearing Centers did not have to purchase expensive licenses or costly implementation services.

According to Matt, Teamworks made the process easy.

It was a cakewalk provisioning the data for the dashboards. We could figure out different data discrepancies and find what worked for us. The Teamworks Group was extremely helpful and creative in getting the solutions we needed and anything we requested. We found new insights from data we didn’t even think we would use.


Matt has seen a significant impact on the amount of advertising budget he uses.

On the marketing side it has given us quick insights into how marketing is affecting our offices. We need to see how offices are doing in real time and make adjustments. This includes knowing if they are seeing leads, if they are capitalizing on these opportunities, and if they are able to help the people who come in for services.

Because he can see right away what’s working to drive calls, he can adjust immediately to maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to bring in net new business. All the data visualization is being done for him, so he spends his time making decisions instead of digging for data. The result has been a steep upswing in sales.

Operations has benefited as well, with visibility into which local practices could use extra support. With the new BI dashboards, it’s easy to tell if someone is coming in for a hearing test and leaving without trying a pair (even as a free trial).

When this happens, it’s possible that the provider didn’t explain what was going on well enough or they couldn’t find a solution. If we have a provider who is struggling with testing or finding what people need, we can send someone there the next day to provide additional training.

Giving patients the highest quality of service and ensuring providers are fully supported helps Elite Hearing Centers maintain their outstanding brand reputation and achieve business goals faster.

Key Benefits

  • Sales increased 20% year over year.

  • Optimized results for marketing spend

  • More patients being matched with hearing aid solutions

  • Better support to help providers to succeed

  • No more struggling with CRM analytics

  • Affordable access to actionable business intelligence

  • User friendly, “done for you” data visualization dashboards

“If you are in need of actionable insights, Teamworks will find a way to make that happen and the best solution for your business on your terms.” - Matt Crogan, Senior Marketing Manager for Elite Hearing Centers of America


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