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Free Employee Reimbursement Template for Immediate Use

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Every business can use an employee reimbursement template. When done right, an employee reimbursement template can provide an easy-to-read and use expense reimbursement for employees, allowing them to be reimbursed for taxi fairs, office supplies, or any other reimbursement claims. These forms can be used for any employee, including W-2 or I-9 employees.

Above all else, your business must provide employees with an easy way to quickly get paid back for business-related expenses. The expense reimbursement request form is one such way of allowing employees to get that reimbursement.

What is an employee reimbursement form?

A company reimbursement form is used by a business to track expenses and ensure employee reimbursement. Reimbursement claims can be processed via the appropriate use of this form template, and the costs can be easily categorized. Checks or reimbursements can be quickly issued as a part of a payroll process, with checks going out separately or at the same time as regular payroll.

These forms can also be used to make sure that all reimbursement claims are legitimately incurred business-related expenses. Doing so provides HR and accounting with another way to track costs and monitor an employee spending too much money. As such, these forms are not only about reimbursement of employee expenses: They are also vital for tracking overall expenditures within a company.

What can an expense reimbursement request form be used for?

The employee reimbursement template below can be used for a variety of costs. These include:

  • Business-related expenses: Any business-related expenses can potentially be reimbursed with the reimbursement request form below. This form includes supplies, items for the store, business meals, or more. All someone has to do is fill out the form and submit a reimbursement request.

  • Travel expenses: Travel expenses are relatively common within the business world, and submitting the reimbursement request below can be an easy way of being reimbursed for taxi fares, Ubers, hotels, or flights.

  • Miles: You can use these forms to reimburse for miles driven on a personal vehicle for business purposes. You have to know what the IRS reimbursement rate is for miles. As of this writing, it is $.615 per mile.

  • Equipment: Office equipment is a relatively common purchase, including large equipment, like electronics or a laptop. You may want to consider offering immediate reimbursement for such a significant purchase.

  • Tracking costs: Keep in mind that the business reimbursement template below can be used for quickly reimbursing employees and keeping track of overall costs. This can allow you to track and categorize business costs easily and then develop ways to reduce those costs.

Free employee reimbursement template

Expense Reimbursement Form

​Requested By



Date of Request



Purchase Date

Item and Purpose

Request Is:

Approved / Denied

Approved By:

Date Approved:

Best practices for company reimbursement forms

Your HR or accounting office should establish policies and procedures for quick reimbursement. These procedures can easily integrate with accounting software for a speedy refund. Sample procedures can include the following:

  • Have set dates of reimbursement: Having set dates in which you will reimburse an employee can give the comfort in knowing exactly when their expenses will be refunded.

  • Save all paperwork: Make sure that the form above is saved in a file and that you have set document retention procedures, ensuring that paperwork can easily be questioned and audited.

  • Require receipts: Requiring receipts on any reimbursement request can reduce the possibility of an invalid reimbursement and ensure that there are never any questions about if an expense incurred is truly office-related.

  • Watch for local, state, and federal regulations: Various laws govern when reimbursements can be given. Ensure you have someone monitoring these laws to ensure compliance with the ever-changing employee law scene.

  • Manage more significant expenses: While you must set dates for employee reimbursements, you may want to consider reimbursing for significant expenses more promptly. These expenses can create a heavy burden for your employees.

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