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HR Fitness Test: Is Your Company In Shape?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Far too many business owners believe they will never need HR. Of course that's true, until they do.

While every aspect of HR may not be necessary in your company, it's still good practice to be aware of the HR situations unique to your business and industry so you can watch for and prepare for them.

We've compiled a list of subjects and questions for you to browse through to get an idea of your status with HR preparedness in your company.

Discipline & Termination

  • Do You Understand The Risks Associated With Termination?

  • Do You AND Your Managers Formally Document Performance Issues?

Leave Laws

  • Are You Familiar With The ABC's of Leave and Benefit Law That Apply To Your Organization, Including FMLA, COBRA, ADA, and USERRA?

  • Does Your Company Have A Policy For Accommodating Employees Under the American With Disabilities Act or Similar State Laws?


  • Does Your Organization Have An Employee Handbook?

  • Do You Feel Good About Your I-9's Being Completed And Stored In Accordance With United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Standards?

  • Does Your Organization Have A Policy Against Harassment In The Workplace?

Wage And Hour

  • Do You Know How Quickly Employees Who Have Quit Or Been Terminated Need To Receive Their Final Paycheck?

  • Are You Properly Tracking And Paying All Time Worked, Including Overtime, By Non-Exempt Employees?

  • Are you Confident All Your Non-Exempt Employees Are Properly Classified?

If you're feeling a little unsure after reading through those questions then it's a good idea to look into some HR help.

Great businesses are also smart businesses. And businesses owners behind smart businesses have done their homework and know how to protect their asset so it serves them and provides the lifestyle they want.

HR compliance is a smart way to protect your business. If you have net yet discovered the the unique elements of HR for your industry now is a great time to start!

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