Top 5 People Skills Needed In The Workplace

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Image by jamesoladujoye from Pixabay

Let's get right down to the nitty gritty. People skills is about one thing: trust.

Where ever you find relationships that have high mutual trust there you will also find:

  • high direction

  • massive action

  • exponential success

  • safety

  • clarity

  • sacrifice

  • extra mile activity

  • support

  • honesty

  • faster decision making

  • and connection

On the flip side, relationships with low to no mutual trust will have:

  • low to no direction

  • scattered selfish action

  • minimal, lucky, or no success

  • risk

  • confusion

  • ego's

  • bare minimum work

  • critics and cynics

  • deceit

  • my way or the highway mentalities or indecision

  • and dis-connection

The question becomes what people skills most effectively build trust between people?

Compiled here is a short list of the top 5 people skills that can quickly build and maintain trust.

These are universal. So while this list may be for the workplace, they apply across the board for any human to human interaction.

Keep in mind these skills apply across the board if you want to build trust. If you have some other end in mind for the foundation of your relationships then definitely disregard these skills.

1. Follow Through

In our experience, this is the foundational skill for building trust. Everything hinges on this one quality.

Here's the gist: do what you say you're going to do.

Asking someone if they did what they said they would do is basically asking if they can be trusted.

Additionally, the other side of the follow-through coin is communicating in a timely and clear manner where and why you fell short of your commitment.

Doing this still enables you to answer the "can you be trusted" question with a yes, just don't abuse it.

Definitely avoid becoming known for falling short. That'll kill trust and your opportunities pretty quick.

Double standards, or saying one thing and doing another, is unfortunately common place in companies. So it's no surprise that trust is low in most companies.

Follow through is about not living a double standard. It's about making and keeping commitments.

So if you commit to something make sure you do everything in your power to keep that commitment.

2. Seek & Provide Feedback

High quality human beings solicit feedback from their peers.

They are interested in being keenly aware of their impact on others and the different "truth perceptions" floating around in their relationships.

If this were an article about business feedback we would call this brand management.