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Attendance write up sample and best practices

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

If you need an attendance write up sample, we’ve got you covered.

You can use the following list of attendance write up best practices and our written warning letter for attendance to effectively deal with employee absenteeism.

What should be included in a written warning for attendance?

An attendance write up is a necessary form of documented disciplinary action. This letter ensures that all parties involved are properly notified of attendance issues and given the opportunity to correct the issue.

When creating an attendance write up, however, there are a few items that should always be included.

What should be included in a written warning for attendance:

  • When the employee was absent: Make sure to notate what days and times the employee was late or absent. Show proof if you have it.

  • If this issue has been discussed before: Provide any previous times attendance issues have been discussed with the employee. Include verbal warnings, as well.

  • HR documentation that dictates company policy: Whether you copy and paste the policy into the written warning or include a separate document, you’ll want to clearly show the employee what policies they’re breaking.

  • Why it matters: It may do a lot of good explaining to an employee what happens when they’re late and why it negatively impacts the entire team. Don’t explain this in terms of money or management. Instead, explain how other employees have to step in to pick up their slack.

  • What the next steps are: Again, pull in HR documentation and policies at this point and clearly outline what happens if they’re late again – whether this means another written warning or employment termination.

  • How they can provide feedback: Always give your employee the ability to provide feedback or to communicate why these issues are occurring. Let them know when, where, and how to provide this feedback. They could be late due to an issue that can be easily solved and no firing or further disciplinary action is necessary.

Attendance write up sample

When using any attendance write up sample, make sure you customize it to your own company, the specific employee, and any legal requirements your company is responsible for.

Feel free to copy and customize the following attendance write up sample:

This letter serves as an official written reprimand for your continuing attendance problems. On [date, time], you were issued a verbal warning by [supervisor], and this letter serves as your [#] official warning.

On the following dates and times, you were observed as absent or late:

  • [Date, time]

  • [Date, time]

  • [Date, time]

As notated in the following company policy, arriving on time to work as scheduled is a required function of your job.

[Insert company policy]

You were [given/shown] this policy on [date], and you acknowledged the policy with your signature. A copy of this acknowledgment can be provided to you upon request.

If this issue persists, you will be subject to further disciplinary action, which may or may not include the following:

  • [insert next step]

  • [insert next step]

  • [insert next step]

This letter will be filed in your official personnel file and can be provided to you upon request.

If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns regarding your ability to be on time to work, please let your managing supervisor know, and we can attempt to make accommodations.

Request employee acknowledgement

Upon delivering the written warning, make sure you request an employee signature. This can be requested at the end of the letter or on a separate letter altogether. This will give human resources the necessary documentation they need if they are forced to take further disciplinary action.

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